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Since opening in 2010, Live Well has helped over 600 local clients reach their weight loss goals. Along the way, we've snapped several pictures before and after their journey.

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Live Well & Kootenai Health Pilot Study

In 2011, Live Well was asked to join Kootenai Health in evaluating its aproach to weight loss in a pilot study.

Six participants were chosen from a wide number of applicants and began the protocol. Every participant had similar, positive results. In November, 2011 several of the group were interviewed about their experience.

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Letter from Faye

Sixteen months ago a door was opened for me that began an awesome journey. I knew I was finally on the right track but I really couldn’t imagine how this wonderful program called Weight Protocol would totally change my life.

For many years I have battled my weight. I had tried fad diets, over the counter weight loss aids, poured money into programs such as Nutri System and Weight Watchers which gave me short term results but the rebound always was a disappointment. Finally I just gave up and reached my highest weight ever. I was experiencing high blood pressure, low energy levels and joint pain due to the stress of my overweight body. All of this has become a distant memory since I found the Weight Protocol Program. My weight loss switch was turned of for good.

The first time I talked with John, my coach, my confidence grew. Even though we were miles apart he was always just a phone call or an email away to answer any questions I had and to give me encouragement and cheer me on. The explanation he gave me about how and why Weight Protocol works during our initial call starting making sense. When I read the material he sent me explaining the concept of Weight Protocol a light bulb came on. I knew I had the answer to my up and down weight gain and losses. I learned that even what was considered the best programs which I had tried before didn’t train my body to maintain the weight loss and that is why I would rebound each time. Weight Protocol had the answer to train my body not only to lose excess weight but to manage my weight.

From the first week I was on the program I starting getting the results I had been looking for. Each week I would receive a call from John to answer my questions, review my progress and cheer me on for the next week.

He became my long distance friend not just my coach. John was with me all the way to my goal where I celebrate my new found energy, normal blood pressure ( no more blood pressure pills) and of course my 60 pound weight loss. My body has been renewed and is now in tune to control my weight plus I have developed a new healthy lifestyle which will carry me through the years to come. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Wilkinson who offers this program and to John who was my cheerleader from day one.

Your grateful friend
Faye A.

Watch Dave Sposito talk about his weight loss story

Dave lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks.

Cheri B.

Cheri has lost 23 pounds in 9 weeks using Ideal Protein.

"I wish I'd known about this program 10 years ago. The results are very gratifying and motivating. I especially like the fact that simply fat is targeted and you're not losing lean muscle."

Shelley G.

Shelley felt like she "was sitting on the sidelines watching her body change but that there was nothing to do.

Weight Lost: 16 pounds

Summary: After having her last child, she thought she'd be able to easily drop the weight, but after 8 years of feeling "like her body wasn't her own," she set a goal to lose 16 pounds.

Shannon G.

"This is the first program that has really worked for me. The program is easy to follow and stick with and I've lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and a total of 16 1/2 inches. I am thrilled with my results! The support that I get from my coach is great. It helps me stay on track and keep my focus. This is a program that works."

Nancy T.

So far Nancy has lost 45 pounds in three and a half months.

"The diet was outstanding! I had tried other diets and exercise and was not loosing weight. I had what doctors were labeling as irritable bowl syndrome; my cholesterol was off the charts and I felt terrible. Within 3 weeks all symptoms were gone, my cholesterol dropped over 100 points and my energy level and stamina greatly increased. The diet is very restrictive which was good for me as cheating wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to cheat because I wasn’t hungry, I was loosing weight fast and there was no reason to delay the goal by a few more days or weeks.

I went from a size 16 pant to a size 8, and with a little exercise I believe I could be in a 6! Shopping is even more fun than ever!!"

Joe H.

At the beginning of his Weight Protocol, Joe weighed 225 pounds. Today, he weighs 187.

Weight Lost: 38 pounds

* He tried several diets before Weight Protocol.
* Joe lost an average of 7 pounds per week.
He has experienced increased energy since starting the protocol.

Bart S.

So far, Bart has lost 65 pounds in 11 weeks.

He is aiming to complete an Ironman in 2011 and needs to lose weight before he can seriously train.

Paula O.

Paula is a retired police officer and former weightlifter. She gradually gained weight over the years and finally decided to do something about it. Here's what she had to say about her experience with Weight Protocol using Ideal Protein.

"This program fascinated me. First, I enjoy listening to and having explained to me how the different parts of your body, i.e. insulin, makes differences in how you feel and eat and the approach you have to take etc. I understand the muscle equation and how it relates to burning fat, etc. But for the first time in my life, I actually found out how it relates to me personally and how my fat loss vs. muscle takes on different appearances and at totally different speeds and times. For me this was huge to learn and figure out. And I am still learning stuff about myself. Talking with John once a week, also puts this all together as I see it on a week to week basis, which I think is also huge for me in learning about myself and my personal weight loss and why my body does what it does.

My understanding of the way my own way my body loses the weight will be huge in the future. For me the reading and understanding my body fat percentages and loss of inches, I will understand more of why the scale number says what it does and can be patient with myself. I also feel very good internally and understand to feel this way, I have to eat well nourishing food. I think my overall thinking and the way I currently feel is becoming more and more secure as are my reactions to certain types of food. I am getting there."

Dennis C.

So far, on his first 6 weeks on the program, Dennis has lost 35 pounds.

* His goal weight is 185 pounds.
* He is training for a 25-hr off-road motorcycle race and needs to get in shape to compete.

Warren P.

Warren, a professional carpet cleaner and an active guy, lost 25 pounds on the Weight Protocol.

"Tried South Beach - It's hard to keep with it. You are committed for awhile, then go on a binge. On Weight Protocol, my energy went up while my weight went down."

Mary K.

Seven months ago, Mary Kobberstad weighed 289 pounds. Since starting the protocol, she has lost 97 pounds and today weighs 192 pounds.

* Has 30 more pounds to lose to reach her ideal weight.
* Mary's blood pressure was high and her doctor wanted to put her on blood pressure medications.
* She was told by her doctor that she was pre-diabetic
* Her asthma was “completely and totally out of control”
* She was experiencing “some fairly serious psoriasis”

Kathie D.

"My husband and I decided to do the diet together which we knew would make us both more successful. Once we got started, it wasn't hard to do. We've both been eating salads for lunch (for years) so it really wasn't much of a diet change. We did, however, have to make some modifications to the ingredients. Dinners were fun because we started to experiment with different spices to make our general meals more interesting. We also love vegetables Our biggest challenge was not going out for dinner and cutting out alcohol. Overall, the diet was easy to follow and those chocolate shakes are outstanding.

What made WP so easy was the regiment. We didn't have to think about what to eat and when. WP was so simple to follow. Other programs left too much room to improvise so slipping was too easy.

At first my energy level was low since I walk in the morning but working with John, our coach, I would have a shake before walking which really made the difference. Once that was resolved, my energy level was great.

The amazing thing is that I lost the fat and maintained the muscle mass. It was so gratifying to see the fat just fall off my body. It certainly made it easy to keep going. I had a couple of weeks when I had no change in actual weight but reduced in inches. It was fantastic!

My pant size dropped from 12 to 6 (and in certain pants a FOUR!). I also bought a size 4 dress to attend a wedding - I was all smiles."

Mignon M.

"It has been a remarkable 10 weeks! I've experienced more energy, better attitude about my age* and life - so many changes in so many areas - all for the better!! The education I've recieved has been such a blessing. I have been and will continue to be 100% committed until I've completed the program. *I"m 72!"

Carolyn M.

Carolyn struggled for years to keep her weight down.

* Most important thing to her is how much energy she has while dieting.
* Dropped 4 sizes in her clothes since starting the protocol.

Robert M.

Robert started the program at 205 pounds and has a goal to be around 185 pounds.

* Tried several diets before and found them "horrendous."
* Typically lost 1 pound per day.
* Always felt hungry on past diets.

Marie B.

Marie has been on the program for 6 weeks. She started at 151 pounds and has so far lost 14 pounds.

* For several years, she'd vary between 170 and 140 pounds.
* Had a back injury and needed to strengthen her core.

* Deals with cellulite
* Had trouble fitting into her clothes

Judy G.

Judy weighed over 300 pounds when she started the Weight Protocol. So far, she's lost nearly 50 pounds.

* Tried other programs, but couldn't lose the weight
* High blood pressure

* Poor cardiovascular health prior to WP
* Had trouble fitting into her clothes

Sharon H.

Sharon has lost 33 pounds in 11 weeks so far on the Ideal Protein diet.

"Wonderful program - no guess work. Steady progress and lots of energy. Learned so much about nutrition that I'll continue to use."